Changed – Coming August 1st, 2018

It is getting closer to release day, and I’m getting anxious. This will be my first release, and I am so afraid I’m going to screw something up that the stress is for REAL. I will be doing pre-Orders soon, publishing through Draft 2 Digital for all vendors except for Amazon. I don’t want to lose sales/rankings in Amazon, so I will be publishing directly through KDP and KDP Print.

So much to do! Anne at Victory Editing helped me tremendously by finding a cover designer, and I purchased a Pre-Made from Cover Me, Darling LLC. They have the most beautiful covers. I wish I had time to write all the books so I could has (yes, has) all the covers, but I don’t.

Here is a teaser for the cover. Hopefully once formatting is complete I’ll get the short links created and get everything squared away with D2D and the ‘Zon.

Courtesy of Cover Me, Darling LLC – Cover Me, Darling

Reveal Changed CMD

And I wouldn’t have made it this far without Anne @ Victory Editing doing significant hand holding. I appreciate her so much!

Victory Editing

Cheers, and everyone have a fantastic Thorsday!

Credit: Gizza-Sigyn via Deviant Art



I began writing this novel in 2013. I had long been frustrated by the handling of my own diagnosis of Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH syndrome) at the age of fifteen. I struggled with it for years. I ignored it for longer. [Insert years of depression, suicidal thoughts, feelings of inadequacy/jealousy/rage/rage/rage] here. I won’t bore you with the details. I wrote 200K+ words in a novel that has been ripped up, smashed back together, and pared down to a final product that I am proud of. If that doesn’t say frustration nothing will.

This isn’t based on a true story. My life, for the most part, is too boring to be recounted in a book, and I’ll let Changed speak for itself. The tentative release date will be August 1st. Hopefully by then I will have all my ducks in a row. I’ll be creating links for pre orders, and try to figure out Amazon’s platform as well as others.

To all the girls out there dealing with this condition: It does get better. You are strong, and you are NOT alone. You are one in five thousand.