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Changed is now on sale at Amazon for $0.99. This is a limited price drop, so grab a copy now before it’s too late!

In other news, Part II of Sydney & Jett’s story will be posted this week. If you are not following my newsletter, please sign up today. This story will eventually be published into a novella. It is a companion to Changed. I just wrote a chapter for Kate and Quinn, and is set a couple of years after the ending of Changed. It’s about Sydney, who has MRKH. The story is in first person POV, and is significantly different than Changed. It’s darker. FPOV gives you a more intimate feel for a character and their emotions. I am absolutely in love with Sydney and I hope that you will fall in love with her too!

I also have announcements regarding 2018 signings and Facebook group takeover schedules.

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Good girl


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Books about MRKH

I wanted to compile a list of published books that have been written about MRKH. I love indie authors, and will support anyone who wants to write a book to raise awareness about MRKH. At the end of the day, that was my goal. If you are writing a book, thinking about writing a book, or have a written a book that is not listed here please contact me and I will include it or answer any questions you have about indie publishing.


For international customers, it appears most of these books are available through Book Depository. They offer free worldwide shipping. I’ve included links below.

Us Girls: My Life Without a Uterus by Rachael J. Hughes

Published: 8/29/2018
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Availability: Digital & Paperback through Amazon
eBook: $9.00
Paperback: $17.00
About the author:
Rachael J. Hughes is a loyal Virginian, a “devout” Unitarian Universalist (fellow UUs will laugh at the adjective), stepmother of two amazing young men, loyal wife to an amazing and supportive husband. She has been a writer since she could hold a pen; an avid Pearl Jam fan since age 10, and she has been a dreamer since before her eyes were formed. She lives in Central PA with her four cats and her family. She earned her MA/MFA in Creative Writing from Wilkes University. She is currently working on a number of picture books and a YA novel, currently titled Changing Lainey. One of these days, she’ll realize the beauty of her poetry and share it with the world.
Rachael is the one in 4,500 girls born with Type 1 Mayer-Kuster-Hauser-Rokitansky syndrome—the absence of, or malformation of—female reproductive organs. Amidst the storms of family and during teen years that challenge many girls, the once-confident teen searches for her identity as so-called specialists search for her uterus.
Having already faced the complications of hydrocephalus, a micro-bladder, lazy eye and out-turned gait, the medical field’s hide-and-seek with her fertility leaves Rachael questioning her self-worth and abilities and feeling like an inadequate woman.
In the midst of her struggles, though, she finds Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, a human being familiar with loss, grief, and self-struggle. Through her love of Pearl Jam, and her abilities as a writer and artist, Rachael presses against the undertow of depression toward mental wellness.
This story is a must-read for all girls facing questions of anatomy and self-worth. Told with lilting humor and raw honesty, Rachael’s story echoes the plight many women face to define themselves and chase their dreams. Her “road less taken” is a bumpy highway of confusion, love and triumph, with a kickass playlist.

Changed: (New Adult Romance) by T.S. Murphy

Published: 7/30/2018
Worldwide shipping for paperbacks available through Book Depository
Genre: New Adult Romance / Coming of Age
This book is available digitally from all major retailers. Paperback is available exclusively through Amazon.
eBook: $3.99
Paperback: $14.99
Book Depository: $18.68
 About the author:
T.S. Murphy originally hailed from a tiny town in Oklahoma that most people have never heard of. She now lives in Louisiana with her wonderful husband of many years, a herd of cats, a pack of dogs, and a sweet bunny rabbit named Jim. When she isn’t tending to her animals or husband, she’s working in her garden or chained to a computer writing. In her spare time, she likes to donate forty hours per week to the anonymity of corporate America in exchange for a paycheck to fund writing-related expenditures.
Kate McGuire has loved her brother’s best friend for years—an older guy who didn’t know she existed and whose smoking-hot girlfriend could punch her into next week. But now Kate’s eighteen and Quinn Haley is girlfriend-free and looking at her like she’s outside the friend zone. Everything is working out perfectly—until she receives a surprise diagnosis, one that may prevent her from ever having sex.
Quinn has dealt with abuse and rejection his entire life, but when he finally breaks up with his cheating girlfriend, he realizes his best friend’s little sister has always been there for him.
Kate’s entire future will be a lifetime of no. No children. No sex. No Quinn. And when Quinn won’t take no for an answer, she fights him every step of the way.
New Adult novel: Recommended for 17+ due to mature themes and sexual content. HEA guarantee.

The Girl with No by R.J. Knight

Published: 1/30/2018
Worldwide shipping available through Book Depository
Genre: Non-Fiction
Availability: Digital & Paperback through Amazon. Digital version is available in Kindle Unlimited for free to those who have a subscription.
eBook: $4.03 (free in KU)
Paperback: $6.72
Book Depository: $20.00
About the author:
Hi My name is Rebekah Knight, from Northern Ireland (UK), I went through such traumatic experience, which changed my life forever. it has however made me who I am today, strong and have the best relationship with God because of it.
The book’s purpose is to help create awareness about the unique condition known as MRKH, It a journey of what I went through as a young woman. The book aims to help other young women going through a similar experience, this will really help parents of daughters understand what its like and the journey behind it all.

by Andreia Trigo

eBook through Amazon The Formula to not giving a F**k about Fertility: To help you find balance, cope with infertility and increase your chances of success with conception.

Paperback through Amazon The Formula to not giving a F**k about Fertility: To help you find balance and increase your chances of success with natural conception, assisted … involuntary childlessness and infertility.

Published: 6/15/2017
Worldwide Shipping through Book Depository
Genre: Health, Family, & Lifestyle
Availability: eBook and Paperback through Amazon & Paperback Book Depository
Amazon: £12.50
Book Depository: $15.80
About the author:
Andreia Trigo, RN, BSc, and MSc, was diagnosed with infertility at the age of seventeen. Fifteen years later, she was able to find peace and live a happy, fulfilling life. It has been her life mission to help other people achieve the same ever since. Using logotherapy and neurolinguistic programming, Andreia was able to identify the strategies she had used to get on with life. These are the same strategies she offers through inFertile Life so that you can cope with the losses of infertility, create a new fertility plan, and increase your chances of success in achieving that plan. These strategies have helped many others facing infertility and involuntary childlessness find balance, peace, joy, and the strength to rise above their inevitable suffering and live a meaningful, purposeful life regardless of their circumstances.
Andreia Trigo RN BSc MSc tells her infertility journey and how she managed to achieve a meaningful life regardless of circumstances. She also provides the tools that you can use to achieve the same result. It’s a very practical book that will help you: • Cope with the losses of infertility • Create a new fertility plan • Increase your chances of success in achieving that plan.

Elizabeth, Just Sixteen eBook on Amazon

Published: 6/28/2016
Also available from:
Abe Books
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Availability: Paperback on Amazon, Abe Books, & Book Depository (for international customers)
$14.99 on Amazon
$15.58 on Book Depository
£11.23 on Abe Books
About the author: Interview with Global MRKH:
Elizabeth Appleton is a sweet and easy-going adolescent. But as she turns sixteen, she discovers something so devastating about herself that her whole world is turned upside down. Elizabeth has been born without a womb or a vagina and is diagnosed with MRKH, an unusual congenital disorder that affects the female reproductive tract. Frightened and confused, Elizabeth must struggle to understand how she can still be a girl but no longer a ‘normal’ one. As she questions everyone and everything around her – her burgeoning sexuality, her gender, her hopes for the future – Elizabeth must fight against the shame and betrayal she feels if she is to ever become the woman she has always hoped to be. In her first novel, Cecilia Paul, now a retired expert in the field of MRKH, sensitively explores and illuminates this complex and often emotionally fraught medical condition, in order to raise public awareness of MRKH and to support those affected by it.

Rokitansky by Alice Darwin

Published: 10/13/2014
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Availability: Digital & Paperback through Amazon. Digital version is available in Kindle Unlimited for free to those who have a subscription.
Worldwide shipping available through Book Depository.
eBook: $1.99 (free in KU)
Paperback: $13.53
Book Depository: $14.06
About the author: Alice Darwin lives Surrey, with her husband and dog. She enjoys writing stories that she hopes others will enjoy.
When school girl Moira Sweeney is diagnosed with a rare condition, it changes everything. She had known for as long as she could remember that something was wrong, what she didn’t know was what happened next. When Tori looks in the mirror, she sees a successful travel writer happily married to Harry. She is all he ever wanted and less, so much less. Mrs Brown knows she’s getting too old to run Godalming Lodge and longs to escape from the elderly residents and troublesome staff.
Three women, with three stories and three secrets that connect them all.

Surrogacy Was the Way: Twenty Intended Mothers Tell Their Stories

Published: 1/15/2006
Purchase on Amazon
Other retailers available here:
Worldwide shipping available through Book Depository.
Genre: Parenting & Relationships
Availability: Paperback via Amazon
Paperback: $16.95 on Amazon appears to be the same price at other retailers)
Book Depository: $17.60
About the author: No info available
Surrogacy Was the Way: Twenty Intended Mothers Tell Their Stories documents the true stories of twenty women who had children via surrogacy. Surrogacy is a complete possibility in today’s day and age, but anyone considering this route to parenthood should know the pros and cons. The women featured go to surrogacy for a variety of reasons, ranging from Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH) to cancer to unexplained infertility and everything in between. Some of the journeys go rather smoothly-while others are filled with one obstacle after another. Some of the women have children already and want to add to their family, while most are attempting to become moms for the first time. What they all have in common, however, is that every woman whose story is told knows what it’s like to be an intended mother-the term for the “mother to be” if and when a baby is born. And all of the women ultimately end up having a child (or more) through surrogacy. When I first started researching surrogacy, I was fortunate to find several Online support groups. As I gave and received support to so many other women I became fascinated with the extent to which people would go to simply have a baby. I realized that their stories-our stories-needed to be heard; thus, the idea for this book was born. For the millions of women who have been touched by infertility in some way, or know someone who has, Surrogacy Was the Way will open their eyes to amazing possibilities. It will show them that they do have options, and with persistence and faith, they can achieve their dreams of motherhood after all.
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Changed now available on Google Play

eBook Changed CMD

Changed is now available through Google Play and Walmart eBooks/Rakuten Kobo. You can purchase the digital copy from the retailer of your choice through Books2Read.



If you want to get your hands on a physical book, then Amazon is where it’s at:


In other news…


She’s here! If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter yet… well why the heck not? Part I of Sydney and Jett’s story is now available. Starting next week, I will post chapters to Wattpad, but after seeing the issues associated with piracy there, I will probably only post three or four chapters to the site. I should know… my published book, Changed, was posted to Wattpad only the day after release (without my consent). Actually, it kind of looked like scammers trying to get you to download it for free, so those 4 or 5 people who did so likely got a nasty virus.

Karma, right?

I have a Pinterest board for both stories if you’re interested to see what inspired me.



So what else am I working on?

Well, let’s see…

I have an ongoing Regency historical that I intend to get back to once I get Sydney & Jett a little more fleshed out. It just went through a critique process and needs an overhaul, but I am excited to get this one out as it’s the first in a series. There aren’t enough hours in the day for all the things I want to write. And read. That’s been a major distraction the last few months. I really should stop, but I just can’t seem to help myself.

That’s all for now. If you stop by for Sydney & Jett’s story, please let me know what you think!


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Meet Sydney


I am going to take a moment and plug my newsletter. I haven’t done much with it lately. To be honest, the least favorite thing that I can think of doing is setting up an email sequence. But I’ve decided that between books (and WHO knows how long it will be before I can publish another one?) I am going to do a serial story within the newsletter. It will be done monthly, and I already have the story outline in my head. I have Part I & II written. Hopefully the rest of this week will be devoted to fleshing out the story, characters, etc., and getting it down on paper.

That is if I don’t have another meltdown.

I’m becoming prone to those.

I will also upload the story a chapter at a time to Wattpad. If you don’t know what Wattpad is, you can check them out here: Wattpad. The story will be free, but I will send the story out in my newsletter first, and a week later upload to Wattpad.

In other news, if you aren’t following me on Facebook, I have devoted my TS Murphy Author page to Weird Book Week for August 20-24. Every day a different book will be posted that I found weird, but that I loved. There are quite a few weird books that I like, but I managed to narrow it down to five.

Here is a blurb for my newsletter story, which I’m calling Permanent Virgin, because I think it’s fucking funny. Oh, did I mention there will be cursing, and the story is NSFW? I mean, I’ve already said Vagina in everyone’s email, so how bad can it get? Right?


perm pink



Sydney Jamison is trouble, and she’s got a mean streak. Hence, her court-ordered anger management and counseling sessions that lead her to meet Jett Bonner, who is raising his little sister after the death of their parents.

Jett takes one look at Sydney and decides she’s the girl of his dreams. He’s oddly fascinated by her penchant for wearing clothing adorned with tempting, red cherries, to say nothing of those matching lips. But Sydney has no time for Jett. She’s been burned—scorched, really—by too many guys who say they can handle her kind of crazy only to bail when things get serious.

Only… things get serious, and there’s no sign that Jett is going anywhere. But is Sydney really ready for him to stay?

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Betas needed


Changed is now available on Amazon in eBook and Paperback, and in eBook on iBooks, Kobo, Nook, and many other retailers.


How is your August going? Is it hot where you are? We are averaging 100+ degree days here in North Louisiana. Every. Damn. Day. I know everyone is about to go bonkers for pumpkin-spice everything, boots, scarves, and go Full Fall Festival Mode. (Note: Never Go Full Fall Festival Mode. Ever). Around these parts that kind of stuff happens, but it’s not as fun. We can have those same 100 degree days in October sometimes. Wear shorts at Thanksgiving. Sometimes even Christmas.

If you haven’t heard yet, I released a book on August 1st. I have been feeling a little overwhelmed, so took a step back from the website and newsletter. Probably not the best time for me to have a meltdown, but with everything else going on then something had to give. I’m thinking about adding a story to my newsletter though, so be sure you sign up. It might be a little naughty. Or it might be a clean, wholesome, family friendly story you can read aloud in front of small children.

And if you believe that, you might want to get your own mental health check, because I’ve already told my family that Changed was the only “nice” book that I’ll write. It’s definitely not my normal writing style. I tempered my style so much that sometimes it felt like I lost my voice as a writer, but I still feel like it was a story that needed to be told.

I am currently seeking beta readers. I have a critique partner for a Regency Romance I am writing, and I so appreciate what editors do for me now. It is so hard to do! I got great feedback from both of mine, and hopefully I am giving valuable feedback in return. I’ve had a beta before, but never had the whole symbiosis thing going. I need some beta readers for a New Adult series I began last year. I plan on submitting the first part of Book 1 to a contest. I can’t decide which story to work on first, but am trying so hard to focus on the Regency story. But who knows! Maybe those Thornton brothers will win me over.

Also, I need authors and readers in my Facebook Group. I would like to build the group up so that we can do giveaways, and that authors and readers can interact.

Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter if you want something nice! Or something naughty 😉