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Book One


Kate McGuire has loved her brother’s best friend for years—an older guy who didn’t know she existed and whose smoking-hot girlfriend could punch her into next week. But now Kate’s eighteen and Quinn Haley is girlfriend-free and looking at her like she’s definitely outside the friend zone. Everything is working out perfectly—until a devastating medical diagnosis throws her life into a tailspin.

Quinn Haley has dealt with abuse and rejection his entire life, but when he finally breaks up with his cheating girlfriend while home from college for Christmas, he realizes his best friend’s little sister has always been there for him. Only now, Kate’s all grown up and frankly adorable. Definitely not someone he wants to keep in the friend zone.

Kate’s entire future will be a lifetime of no. No children. No sex. No Quinn. And when Quinn won’t take no for an answer, she fights him every step of the way.

All the way into love.

Book Two


Sydney Jamison can’t seem to stay out of trouble, especially where men are concerned. When her latest mistake lands her in court-ordered anger management she meets Jett, a local musician raising his little sister and struggling to make ends meet. Sparks fly, but Sydney has been burned—scorched, really—one too many times.

Jett Emerson takes one look at Sydney and decides she’s the girl of his dreams, but he can’t figure her out. She seems into him, but tells him that they can’t be together. After unintentionally discovering a secret that Sydney has been keeping, he’s even more determined to let her know that he isn’t going anywhere.

But is Sydney ready for him to stay?